The Story of Animalgrind

after the mad axeman destroyed the forest some animals decided to get back in charge of their destiny. there was only one way to show their extreme anger about what had happened: playing harsh and ruthless grindcore. so they left their homes to destroy your ears but also to make you sensible for animal problems.

animal grind is an attempt of deconstructing boundaries: not only between humans and animals
also within the animals themselves: snail on drums, a bee on bass, a growling turtle on vocals and a night owl doing the dirty work on guitars.

animals with very different backgrounds you may think, but they found a way of working together. and they want you to join the squad – no matter if you have two, four, six, eight or a thousand legs. punishing blastbeats, hard hitting guitars, exploding bass and bonerattling vocals: these are the weapons fighting ignorance, injustice and.. the mad axeman.

Love Animal! Hate Fascism!

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